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Bose wireless speaker: how to choose 2021 review, test and comparison

Bose is probably the best brand for speakers

Choosing a Bose speaker is choosing the best in this field. In fact, finding the right Bluetooth speaker is never easy. In fact, it is very important to consider many characteristics In addition, some models can be ultra-efficient, while others have very limited efficiency. Fortunately, some brands remain very professional and increasingly develop exceptional devices. This is particularly the case with the brand Bose which is one of the most recognized in its field.By relying on it, you have very little chance of being disappointed with your purchase.On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheap speaker, you better change the brand and head to the wireless Bluetooth speaker Deepow 1OW laptop with a price of around 20 euros Impossible to find an identical price at Bose.

The Bose brand in detail

In this article, we will first introduce you to the Bose brand. We will tell you who it is, where it comes from and why it can give you the greatest satisfaction. Then we will reveal all the Advantages that you can benefit from by opting for a Bluetooth speaker developed by this brand. We will continue to introduce you to the three best Bluetooth speakers from Bose. Finally, after giving you the average price of such a device, we will provide you with a comparison of all the speakers Bose notebooks .Then in the blink of an eye, you can see which model is most suitable for you. In a few moments, after taking the time to read this article, you will know everything about this legendary brand.

The big test of Bose wireless speakers

We would like to point out that each Bose speaker featured in this article has been tested by us. Obviously, these tests are totally objective and clear. that we have not worked under any influence, you will benefit from clear and honest advice that will allow you to choose the right device for you with full knowledge of the facts. We do not hesitate to list the strengths, but also the weaknesses. As you will see, some models they really deserve your attention, while others may not be of interest to you. Finally, we have made sure to be as accurate as possible, especially when it comes to technical characteristics. Therefore, you will not have to search the Internet for information that missing, as you will find everything you need in one place.

Bose wireless speaker: the best

Bose SoundLink 3 Bluetooth speaker

The Bose SoundLink 3 Bluetooth speaker is by far the best Bose speaker . discover, is endowed with many advantages. Thanks to it, you will have the opportunity to listen to your favorite music tracks in the best conditions. And this, wherever you are. But first of all, we wanted to give you a little feedback on its design that is sublime. To design it, the brand has chosen to use two colors: black and metallic gray. Its façade is a grille that could make one think, make mistakes, in an amplifier. This model is, therefore, a soft tribute to the early years existence of the brand, when it developed its first sound amplification systems.

A sound level of 108 decibels

In terms of its capabilities, this Bose speaker is simply one of a kind. Its maximum sound level is 108 decibels, allowing you to add sound to one of your evenings with a single device. Easily transportable thanks to its reduced dimensions , it is a pity that its weight of 1.37 kilograms is higher than other products in its category On the other hand, its autonomy is 14 hours, which represents a real record in this category. With it, your most beautiful music will take on all its meaning. It is true that immediately after trying it, you will wonder how you managed to love your music so much without her.

Introducing the Bose speaker brand

First of all, we wanted to introduce you in detail about the Bose brand. Through the description of its history and know-how, you will learn more about it . This will allow you to understand why it is capable of developing such sophisticated devices, such as the Bose SoundLink 3 speaker, you will quickly realize, it is not a brand like the others. Its professionalism is such that today it is considered one of the best brands in its And for good reason, for many consumers, Bose is the benchmark when it comes to audio equipment.

The Bose story

It all started in Framingham, Massachusetts, in 1964. An American named Amar G. Bose set out to design power amplifiers for the United States Department of Defense . From the beginning, the success was evident. But four years later, in 1968, the history of the brand will take a new turn. In fact, this year, the first Bose loudspeaker will be created, which It will be called the Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting . This device, although expensive for the time, will nevertheless sell very well and allow the brand to invest heavily in research and development. Little by little , Bose will try to minimize the size of these speakers, ensuring that they are always more powerful. What was considered an impossible gamble will soon become the brand's trademark.

1972 the birth of the great popularity of Bose

By 1972, Bose's reputation was already at its peak. Consumers are buying Bose speakers and the trade press continues to praise the brand. Its notoriety is such that famous Car brands such as General Motors will use their services to equip their vehicles. Today, almost all car brands work with Bose, such as Renault, Audi, Mercedes or even Maserati, for example. What is interesting for the consumer is that In-vehicle devices are not the same as those sold to individuals, but despite everything, an owner of a Bose SoundTouch 30 speaker, for example, will find it perfectly in a car equipped with the Bose Car System because the functionality is the same.

Bose know-how

Particularly invested in the miniaturization of audio systems, as with the Bose SoundLink Color, the brand also has many other assets in its pocket. All its growth is based on its sense of innovation .For example, offers headphones. These are capable of reaching an impressive sound level of 105 decibels. Other products have emerged such as the wave radio, an improved classic clock radio. SoundDock system was very popular in the early 2000s. It allowed you to plug in a smartphone or a portable music player to amplify the sound. In 2007, the brand even presented the fruit of one of its most important research. And hold on. strong, this one is impressive. In fact, it is electromagnetic suspension shock absorbers for cars. The principle is simple. The sound at frequencies reverse to those of the road will reduce the vibration sensation when This system is still being modified, but it is very likely that our next vehicles will be equipped with it.Finally, one of the most beautiful inventions of the brand, without a doubt, the Multi-room.Thanks to equipment like the excellent Bose SoundTouch 20 speaker, it is now possible to play the same music simultaneously in a home.

The benefits of a Bose loudspeaker

If we wanted to introduce you to Bose, it is of course an exceptional brand. Thanks to him, your overall satisfaction will reach new heights. Next, we wanted to show you the three advantages of a Bose loudspeaker As you will see, these are impressive. Few brands can combine these various benefits. Even immediately after discovering them, your only rush is to get your new Bose speaker asap.

The overall quality of a Bose speaker

First of all, Bose is first and foremost a brand committed to quality. Often regarded as high-end, its devices continue to sell like hotcakes. And for good reason, its overall quality is simply extraordinary, regardless of the model chosen. Whether you have a Bose SoundTouch 10 or a Bose SoundLink Mini 2, for example, you will always enjoy what is done best. The devices are strong and lightweight at the same time, and are designed to withstand years of intensive use without experiencing failure and without losing strength. As you can imagine, the quality of a device is not measured only by its physical design. Bose is also very careful about using exceptional components. These are the subject of hundreds of tests under real conditions. So you can be sure that your model is equipped with the best in this field. Specifically, when choosing a Bose speaker, you are choosing a device that you can keep for decades without any problems. It's also the fact that Bose is a conscientious brand that has made it one of the benchmarks in its field.

Audio quality

Bose has also built an incredible reputation for the audio quality of its speakers. In fact, like the Bose Wave Music System IV, each model from the brand is endowed with impressive capabilities. With a Bose Bluetooth speaker, all your favorite music takes on a whole new dimension. Whether you listen to rock, variety, rap or even electronic music, for example, you are guaranteed to enjoy it in the best conditions. It is true that some models have higher bass scales than others. Fortunately, as we will see shortly, this is not an end in itself, far from it. Each Bose Bluetooth speaker is customizable. In other words, you can modify the scales to obtain the sound that suits you best . By downloading the Bose app, you can make all of these settings. For example, you cannot increase or decrease bass, treble, and bass. But of course you can also increase or decrease the sound. These settings are also possible with some music streaming applications such as Spotify or Deezer . In short, your Bose portable speaker will suit your needs, not the other way around. Therefore, your satisfaction will only increase a little.

Ease of use

The Bose brand is also very committed to the universality of its products. That is why they have made sure to develop speakers that are very easy to use. In fact, a Bose speaker can be controlled in two different ways. As a first step, as we told you before, you can use an application or software natively integrated in your mobile device . To do this, you just have to use the application as usual. In settings, you can modify many features. Then they will be applied directly to your speaker, like the Bose SoundLink Mini 2, for example. And this without having to touch it. But if you want to directly configure your Bose Bluetooth speaker, a second possibility is available. You only need to use the control panel of your computer. It is usually installed directly on the top of the cabinet. Of course, it allows you to turn your product on or off. But you can also adjust the sound and in some cases adjust the bass, bass or treble levels. Finally, when it comes to Bluetooth, the connection is very simple. All you need to do is find your speaker on your mobile device and connect it. Then you will not need to take any further action. Depending on your needs, you can also allow loved ones to connect to it, as offered by the Bose SoundLink 3 speaker. However, if you don't want them to be able to connect to it, you can just as easily protect it.

How much does a Bose speaker cost? It is cheap?

Despite appearances and all the qualities that they have, Bose speakers are generally quite affordable. In fact, it should first be noted that such a product is designed to withstand years of use. For example, by opting for the Bose Wave Music System IV, you are opting for a device that you can keep for decades. So in the end, the cost will be much lower than if you had to change equipment regularly. Basically, a Bose speaker has a 2-year warranty. But subject to proper use and care, your speaker can retain all of its properties ad infinitum. In concrete terms, the price of a Bose speaker can range from around a hundred euros for entry-level devices like the Bose SoundLink Color to more than 600 euros for high-end products. Therefore, this price is not prohibitive, especially because for this price, whatever model you select, you will benefit from all the know-how of the brand. If you want to optimize your investment, there is another simple solution, but it implies that you will have to spend a little more money. In fact, you will be able to purchase insurance that offers to take care of repairs or a refund for your device if it is broken, broken or even stolen.

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