Complete comparison and buying guide to buy the best Samsung smartphone in 2021!

Samsung is a brand recognized for its exceptional know-how in the field of High Technology, and each smartphone model that it develops allows you to enjoy extraordinary performance and always at the forefront. So, whatever your needs, surely there is the model that will satisfy you the most. However, choosing the right Samsung mobile phone can be a relatively complex task as several very specific technical criteria need to be taken into account. That is why the writing of Abc Techno has wanted to offer you this comparison of the best Samsung smartphones of 2021, which will allow you in particular to be able to identify in just a few moments which is the perfect device according to you.

TOP 3 best Samsung smartphones in 2021

Samsung Galaxy S9 64 GB: The best Samsung smartphone of the year!

Having had the effect of a bomb in the world Of telephony, the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone is a device that you will not soon be able to do without since its functions are many. In fact, in addition to being ultra-fast and responsive, it offers a storage space of 64 gigabytes, allowing you to store all kinds of media in large quantities without feeling limited. But in addition to this generosity, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a device designed to offer you optimal comfort of use, and that starts with its weight of only 170 grams.

Equipped with the Android operating system 8.0, the 64GB Galaxy S9 smartphone is a model that you can customized according to your needs. In addition, it is currently one of the few that offers such impressive photo and video quality, which is due to its double aperture camera, as well as its focal length between f1.5 and f2.4 that will even allow you to immortalize your better memories when the light begins to fail. In short, if you are just looking for the best Samsung smartphone of the year, the Galaxy S9 is the model for you!

Comparison table of the best Samsung smartphones of the moment

Why choose one Samsung smartphone over another?

If Samsung is one of the smartphone brands most popular today, it's because it makes sure to develop products that are perfect in every way and that will give you an impressive user experience. For you to know exactly what to expect when choosing a Samsung smartphone, it is important that we present below the main advantages that you will enjoy very soon.

Ultra reliable and efficient smartphones

First of all, Samsung is recognized as one of the best smartphone brands because they are constantly innovating. It is she who is at the origin of the folding smartphone that promises to revolutionize the way we use our phone. But in addition to this ability to innovate, it also claims to develop devices of legendary reliability that will allow you to fully enjoy your smartphone without ever having to complain. From its responsiveness to its sound through its image quality, every feature will please you. to the highest point.

To make its smartphones so powerful and efficient, the Samsung brand has chosen to use very high-quality materials, but also has the ability to innovate, which sets it apart from all other brands. Whether it is processors or IPS panels that it uses, for example, every time, the brand uses only what is made best in So by choosing a Samsung smartphone, you are guaranteed to enjoy a device at the forefront of technology.

Impressive ease of use

Very often, and unfortunately, the more technically complex the devices are, the more difficult they are to use since you have to take the time to configure them correctly, get used to how they work and become familiar with the different But in the case of the Samsung smartphone, things are very different as such a product is incredibly intuitive. Immediately after turning it on, even if you are not very comfortable with the world of the smartphone, you will feel at ease and you can quickly perform all the desired actions.

Of course, some features may require a bit of training on your part, which is explained by the fact that it will allow you to fully customize your experience. This may be the case with the camera on your Samsung smartphone. , which is ultra-precise and versatile. With it, you can take exceptional photos as you dream of without having to invest thousands of dollars in a standard camera. Finally, the ergonomics of a Samsung smartphone is also pushed to the limit thanks to the ability to overall device response to help you feel more in tune with your phone.

Perfect overall quality for a durable smartphone

Finally, what also explains the popular acclaim of the Samsung smartphone is the fact that it is a superior product that is designed to withstand years of heavy use without showing the slightest sign of wear or malfunction. In fact, as we had the opportunity to tell you before, the brand only uses high-end materials to design its devices, whether you choose a top-price Samsung smartphone or an exceptional model.

By choosing to buy a Samsung smartphone, therefore, you will invest in a product that will be able to provide you with proud daily service for many years to come. You will no longer need to buy new smartphones every year, which means that Therefore, you will benefit greatly from your investment, provided you make proper use of your smartphone. As you may have understood, buying a Samsung smartphone means choosing performance and quality and therefore ensuring that you are completely satisfied.

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017: The best cheap Samsung smartphone!

If your budget is relatively limited or you just don't want to have to sacrifice all your savings when buying a mobile phone, then the Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 smartphone has a good chance of being a hit for you. It is ergonomic and reliable at the same time offered at an unbeatable price. By choosing this Samsung smartphone, you will definitely get a very good deal.

With its 5.2-inch Super Amoled HD display with blue light filter, the SAmsung Galaxy J5 2017 smartphone offers surprising visual comfort given its particularly low price. But what also makes its strong point is the fact that it is equipped with an ultra-efficient and responsive 1.6 GHz Octo Core processor, which is also due to its 2 GB of RAM. Finally, with a device With a 13 MP photo of the back and face, the Galaxy J5 will immortalize your best memories as faithfully as reality.

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