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Connected baby monitor: Our best advice for choosing the right one!

The rise of technology these days is doing wonders, thanks to it parents or at least those who have custody of babies or infants no longer have to bother looking at them . Now there are baby kits that allow caregivers to track everything from a distance. This wonderful accessory, the connected baby monitor, alerts you to all the concerns related to your baby, so that you can carry out other occupations or sleep in a different room than the baby's. In this way, your comings and goings will be reduced, but provided that you always have a very attentive ear to the device's signaling. A connected baby monitor is truly magical, because it systematically informs you of the change in weather in your puppy. We bring you in this article all the details that can allow you to make a better choice of this instrument that will make it easier for you to monitor your child.

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¿ Why is it wise to choose a connected baby monitor for your baby?

Daily listening to the connected baby will be as essential as a connected electronic blood pressure monitor or a robot connected bluetooth vacuum cleaner in the sense that it will simplify your life in the most efficient way. To begin with, it would be important to clarify that the connected baby monitor is a small device that can be simple or video that can be put in the room where a baby is. Thus, this accessory will be able to alert you at any time of cries or other ailments of the infant through a smartphone application or an accessory of this device. In fact, using a baby monitor allows parents or babysitters to be reassured of the weather hovering over their baby, even from a distance, or even less when sleeping in separate rooms. Therefore, the device frees those who care for the baby from constantly coming and going to him, and even time his stress a little.

In this way it minimizes this round trip that sometimes disturbs the baby's peace of mind. This magical accessory arguably promotes immense tranquility for parents and peaceful rest for the newborn. Then the stress and other trauma associated with following a baby is reduced. Obviously, there are two categories of connected baby monitor, the video model or the audio model. It will be up to each parent to choose an option that is compatible with them. For a narrow house it would be important to think about an audio model, on the other hand if your house is large and you have the necessary means, opt for the video one. The video mode is very appreciated, because from your position you will be able to see all the movements of your little treasure.

What are the options to take into account to make the best choice of the century?

A connected baby monitor can be paired with your computer, tablet or smartphone at any time for your convenience. The main thing in this case would be to download the right application for you, a portal accessible to all members of your family to easily monitor the baby. The choice you need to make should be one that embodies your personality and suits your inspirations. In fact, allow yourself to check the scope of this tool, as it would be imperative that the signal or alert from this device works anywhere in your home. Baby monitors generally have a range of around 10 to 1000 meters, however obstacles and concrete walls sometimes reduce the range. We recommend that you choose a baby monitor with a range greater than 100m for best benefits. So autonomy is not an aspect to be neglected in this regard.

Considering your mobility, consider opting for a battery-powered baby monitor or rechargeable batteries. Clearly, these accessories are usually versatile and can be plugged directly into an outlet while recharging. Likewise, it is also possible to take into account the benefits offered by this device while remaining true to your taste. You will find some equipped with video, walkie-talkie, thermometer and many other functions. Also, take a look at the design which is optional as it is also relative to your requirements. The really important thing about a baby monitor is how well it works. Models usually caricature a little man or animals that are not scary at all and can be easily placed near the baby. Finally, keep an eye on the price of the connected baby monitor , as it varies depending on the options that the baby monitor presents. Thus, the average ranges of this device are in a range between 30 and 40 euros.

The other features available in a connected baby monitor

Various functions can mark this ideal device, to confirm your daily use. Thus, the thermometer function allows you to always have the real temperature of the baby's room. The latter should normally be at 18 or 20 ° C. In addition, the hygrometer of your baby monitor makes it easy to control the humidity inside the baby's room so that it regulates in time. On the other hand, the walkie-talkie function promotes parent-child communication , especially in case the baby likes to sleep to the sound of parents' voice. This gem also has several other very popular and inexpensive options such as: the vibrator function, the additive transmitter, Wi-Fi for smartphones, DECT and wireless technology. These functions are sometimes even compatible with deaf and hard of hearing people.

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