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Editorial Staff Favorite, JBL 4 Wireless Speaker

Discover the JBL 4 wireless speaker with diverse and innovative features

In terms of wireless technology , modern times have been able to initiate and convince many people. Like many wireless devices, the speakers quickly established themselves on the market thanks to their practicality and undeniable charm. One of the main speaker models that has attracted attention since its launch is the JBL 4 wireless speaker. Although it is presented as a concentrate of autonomy and mobility by its manufacturers, does this device have innovative features ? Here's our take on it.

A clean design that doesn't change for the JBL 4 wireless speaker

The JBL 4 wireless speaker looks like the brand's previous model, which is the Flip 3. Unlike this Last, however, it is more elongated although it is shaped like a school backpack or tin we know. To protect it from impact, the manufacturers have also surrounded it with soft-touch rubber . It also ensures excellent grip .To ensure the durability of this wireless bluetootth speaker, the speakers have also been covered with an excellent quality mesh fabric. Like all products of this brand, the assembly has been carried out with the utmost seriousness, and the finishes they are also flawless have been integrated into the fabric . Users will be spoiled for choice; This device is also available in various colors such as:

  • black;
  • gray;
  • blue;
  • le white;
  • turquoise;
  • red.

Since it can also be submerged, this device has a high resistance. So you can take it anywhere, including the pool or the beach If you like colors, there is also the compact speaker Bose SoundLink Color a little wonder from the Bose brand.

The JBL 4, a loudspeaker that offers excellent user comfort

The handling of this device, being immediate, can be used easily without having to consult the news beforehand. Turn on the speaker, for example, simply press the “On/Off” button. To find out the battery level during use, simply check the LEDs located on the side. To search for new sources, press the pairing button. Then , the connection will be made very quickly. To take a call, pause the device or start music playback, all you have to do is use the triangular button. The “+ and-” buttons allow you to raise or lower the sound and also go backward or forward in the playlist.

Enjoy excellent sound quality

One of the things that catches your attention while using this unit is: the bass. In fact, this model offers very deep bass, as well as very bass sounds that do not We often hear with this type of mobile device. It should also be noted that the bass of this model has no effect on the rest of the spectrum. Therefore, the mids are well respected and the voices are also well defined and beautiful. The sound is warm and quite long. With a very interesting definition for a small device, the treble is also present. While listening, the device can be placed horizontally or vertically. Depending on the position , the sound is not always the same, even if it is always of good quality. In this device, the sound is 360 °. Therefore, it is ideal for afternoons that take place outdoors. Thanks to the speakers with the that is equipped, this device also offers a good power . Its accuracy, even at high volume, is also amazing .

The JBL 4 wireless speaker, a device that offers a good battery life

In addition to the many very practical functions that it offers to the user, this device has a battery life of twelve hours thanks to the powerful battery with which it is equipped. In addition to its great resistance, this speaker also recharges very quickly. Three hours is enough for its battery to be fully charged. If you are near a power source, you can continue to use this device even if it is charging.

Final opinion

The performance of this test has revealed that thanks to this model, the JBL brand has taken a further step by making a device available to users innovative , functional, resistant and practical is really a brand that produces quality bluetooth speakers like the beloved JBL GO pas. Thanks to its waterproof, for example, the user now has multiple possibilities of use exactly like the latest bluetooth speaker Ears WONDERBOOM raincoat. So you are no longer afraid of accidental dives, splashes or rain. Thanks to its twelve-hour battery life, this device also becomes an ally that you can integrate into your suitcase and backpack. The other characteristics of this speaker were able to win our hearts. To guarantee evening entertainment with friends or family, this device will therefore be a true ally .

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