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Our take on the ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Bluetooth speaker

To guarantee a sensational musical experience, nothing better than opting for the use of a state-of-the-art musical speaker. We highly recommend Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM, which has earned a huge audience among music lovers. This loudspeaker is at the same time aesthetic, powerful, resistant and durable. Find out here, along with our opinion on Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM , all the reasons that should motivate you to buy this speaker.

An exceptional music experience with Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM

The first thing that stands out for the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is its impressive battery life. This can last 10 good hours without interruption : it gives you the possibility to easily enjoy your speaker during a barbecue night with your friends, a romantic walk, a TV series Binge-looking at home. Regardless, it reserves some extraordinary moments of entertainment for you thanks to the very immersive sound quality. In addition, you have the possibility to multiply your pleasure by ten by simultaneously using two speakers Bluetooth ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM . You will experience a moment of sheer pleasure, shaken or excited by your musical selections. We believe that this device offers especially pleasant sound with powerful bass, ideal for enjoying the best of music at its best. Compared to its price, it is an excellent speaker, even if it is not a Bose speaker it will satisfy you.

The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is waterproof

One of the other main benefits of Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is its waterproof property. Thus, thanks to this very convenient feature, you can swim in the company of your speaker, and you also have the possibility to take it with you during any climb, your showers, your walks to the beach and your trips through the muddy fields. . Are you thinking of organizing an unforgettable party with friends by your pool? With Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM, you don't have to worry about the best atmosphere possible and keeping it that way. Its resistance is surprising, and to clean you just have to rinse. Your speaker can easily find its place in your pocket, purse or small suitcase. We give it another good point for its compactness: your speaker does not take up much space, so you can keep it in hand. The equipment that accompanies the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is original. You will notice that your speaker can connect to any device that has the wireless Bluetooth connection, with a distance of up to 30 meters. It can be your smartphone, your tablet, or even a laptop.

Price and contents of the box

The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM costs 49 euros including taxes on the Amazon platform is a cheap Bluetooth speaker. We think this is a very interesting price considering the remarkable performance that the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM promises, its quality and its resistance. Therefore, the speaker is within the reach of all budgets, and once you have purchased it online, it will be delivered to you as soon as possible. The box consists of the wireless Bluetooth speaker, a micro USB cable and documentation. The 2-year warranty that comes with your speaker will allay any concerns about its quality. Also, this bluetooth speaker exists in various colors like the JBL 4 speaker.

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