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Portable scanner: our tips for equipping yourself

Having scanned documents with you is a very advantageous option, as it allows you to send certain documents to government offices in the blink of an eye wherever you are. Plus, document scanning saves you the clutter of physical documents, which will only grow by the day. But how can you switch from physical documents to digital documents? In fact, to switch to digitizing your documents, you will absolutely need a portable scanner for convenience. Even if some printers have this feature, they are not transportable.

A portable scanner: what-what is it?

Like a desktop scanner, a portable scanner is a very practical device with which it is possible to scan any type of physical document to transform it into a digital document . The difference between the desktop scanner and the portable scanner is that the latter is more compact, smaller in size, and easy to carry discreetly. The other difference between the two types of scanner is that the portable scanner can be connected to a smartphone for quick and optimal use.

The three best portable scanners out there!

There are a multitude of portable scanner models available on the market, but not all have the same functionality and convenience. Of all these models, only three stand out for their first-class performance.

Canon P-208ii flatbed scanner: the best and best-selling portable scanner!

In this portable scanner model , the Canon brand is also known for photo devices has done everything possible to offer a portable scanner of the latest generation that demonstrates great versatility and performance. Very practical and ultra-compact, the Canon P-208ii portable scanner is a professional tool that does not require a large space for installation and use in a modern office. From a performance standpoint, this machine can scan 16 sheets per minute in duplex mode. It is equipped with an automatic feeder that can take 10 sheets.

Regarding its connectivity, the Canon P-208ii portable scanner is compatible with multimedia devices that integrate the Windows and Mac operating systems. With this connectivity, users they no longer need to download and install additional drivers before scanning a large number of documents. What is impressive in terms of connectivity with this portable scanner is that it operates via a USB port and it can also connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth to scan a document from a smartphone.

Epson Workforce ES-50: a perfect and affordable alternative

Compatible with Windows and Mac, this Epson Workforce ES-50 portable scanner generates admiration for its high scan resolution. You can scan black and white and color documents. Very light and ultra-compact for discreet transport, the Epson Workforce ES-50 portable scanner is powered through a USB port. In terms of efficiency, this portable scanner can be used to scan a large number of documents. And to scan a page, it only takes 5.5 seconds. With this scanning speed, you can scan around 300 pages in a day. Very easy to install and use, the Epson Workforce ES-50 portable scanner integrates the ScanSmart software from the manufacturer Epson.

Brother DS-620: the best portable scanner with a very good quality/price ratio

Very distinctive in its design and attractive shape, the Brother DS-620 is a portable scanner that deserves a special place on a modern desktop. Compatible with Windows and Mac, this scanner is very powerful by featuring high scanning resolution. For ease of use and convenience, this Brother scanner includes software that allows you to scan a document in just 3 seconds. Better yet, you can scan A5 and A4 size documents. For best use, this scanner can be connected to a computer, tablet, and smartphone through a USB port.

IRIScan Desk 5: our favorite portable scanner

Very compact and high performance, the IRIScan Desk 5 portable scanner is a desktop device Used to scan physical documents in A4 and A3 format. Better yet, you can scan the pages of a book regardless of the fold of the book as it includes software that flattens the curves. It incorporates four color modes and allows you to scan documents that can be changed at any time. It also integrates OCR technology that allows it to recognize any type of document and 138 languages. And like other portable scanners, it is compatible with Windows and Mac.

The strengths of the IRIScan Desk 5 portable scanner.

Portable scanner has several strengths despite its low price. Its first strong point is its ability to efficiently scan any type of document. In addition, it is foldable and can be carried in a small bag. Its second strong point is its ability to scan books, documents, magazines, and make video recordings. It also recognizes 1D or 2D barcodes. Its third and final highlight is its maximum scan resolution of 3264 × 2448 pixels.

Why choose a portable scanner?

If portable scanners are increasingly being recommended, it is because of the many benefits they offer users. And as advantages, it should be noted that they are very practical and ultra compact to fit in a small space in a modern office. They are also discreet in transport as most models are foldable and can fit in a small bag without difficulty. The other advantage for which portable scanners are recommended is their compatibility with Windows and Mac and especially their connectivity to multimedia devices thanks to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology, finally, they can be used for personal and professional purposes.

How to choose the right portable scanner?

To choose your portable scanner well, you must take into account certain selection criteria:

Manual or paper feed slide

Portable manual slide scanner is a very useful scanner as it allows you to slide any document to scan. In addition, the manual slide scanner can scan barcodes. On the other hand, the portable feeder scanner is a stationary device that can scan a front-side document. With such a scanner, you can scan a 10-page document in a row, as it can hold up to 10 sheets.

Resolution and connectivity