Samsung’s foldable smartphone was expected: another surprise

In the world of OLED displays, the competition is fierce. Aware of what this terminal represents as the technology of the future, the major players are engaged in a very close fight to satisfy their customers. Towards the end of 2018, for example, Samsung announced the imminent launch of its foldable smartphone, which would also be the first on the market. Fans of the brand have been eagerly awaiting this product. But, against all odds, it is Royole who launches the first foldable smartphone called Flexpai . What does this device look like? Let's do a check in.

What you should know about Royole Flexpai

Nobody even expected that Royole would topple Samsung, Huawei and the rest. However, it should be noted that this Chinese brand has been working on the concept of folding screens for years. According to the results From early tests, Flexpai measures about 19 cm and is almost the size of a tablet when fully unfolded. Open or closed, this device is perfectly suited to any situation, and its interface is as practical as As if being the first to launch its model wasn't enough, Royole takes the surprise one step further by providing its device with high-tech components: the Snapdragon 8150 chip is one example. In fact, it is a state-of-the-art processor equipped with at least eight cores that guarantee the correct functioning of the device. In addition, Royole announces that its device is available in several models. According to your needs and your budget. Since, you can opt for a Flexpai of 128 GB , 256 GB or 512 GB . When we consider the structure of this phone, we could ask ourselves about its resistance, but the Chinese brand ensures that its smartphone is resistant (no wear before 200,000 uses).

What about the quality of Royole Flexpai?

By releasing his model a little earlier, Royole shows other mobile phone gamers that he has the means to find a place for himself in a world as competitive as that of folding smartphones. Chinese brand must have a lot to blame. In fact, in its haste, it launched a smartphone that it admits does not meet public expectations. In addition to being less sensitive , the device is too thick and has performance lapses. If most classic smartphones offer a slimmer profile and larger screens, Flexpai backs off showing 1.5 cm of thickness when in “folded mode”. For those who were able to test the Royole Flexpai foldable smartphone at CES 2021, the device is not a hit. In addition, the presentation video reveals some difficulties that the Chinese brand must correct to meet the requirements of current technology. It is true that the model inspires respect, but its too wide hinge reduces its aestheticism and its practicality. Users who are used to carrying their smartphone in their back pocket will no longer be able to do so by offering the Royole Flexpai. Also, apps take a bit longer to display when the device switches modes.

How much does the Royole Flexpai cost?

Despite its physical and software flaws, the Royole Flexpai currently sells for $ 1,300 in China. This price should come as no surprise when you consider that folding smartphones usually cost more than € 1,600. However, none of the currently available models is perfect. So what will happen when the product finally reaches perfection in terms of design, technology and functionality? Let's wait and see what Samsung and Huawei present to us in the coming days.

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