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What tips to boost your Internet connection?

Businesses and individuals are constantly looking for ways to better navigate. How should they increase the speed of downloading and displaying pages?

Assess the quality of your internet speed

Working online becomes a hassle with slow bandwidth. Sites are difficult to load and download takes forever. Different software programs can be used to evaluate the quality of a network. Speedtest is used to test the download and upload speeds of a connection, as well as the latency. Internet users can also use Fast or the NetWorx application. These applications integrate very practical modern features. Some tools can even trigger alerts when the volume of data received is too large. Three important criteria are used to evaluate the efficiency of a connection.

  • The bandwidth upstream represents the volume of information sent instantly. For ADSL, it is set to 800 Kb/s. With fiber, it goes up to 200 Mb/s.
  • The downlink indicates the amount of data received in one second. ADSL can reach 8 Mb/s while fiber guarantees 500 Mb/s.
  • Ping is the response time of the server. On average, it is between 60 ms and 80 ms.

Identify the causes of a possible malfunction

Different Factors can cause the Internet connection to be slow or cut .

  • A bad connection can cause a failure. The user can detect such anomaly after a simple verification. In the case of a cable section, a technician must intervene. You will use a fiber optic cleaver to make the connection.
  • Some problems are caused by a malfunction of the ISP server. This can be explained by a saturation of the network, a multitude of simultaneous connections, a technical failure or a cyber attack.
  • The Case settings can also cause a slow connection. The signal may weaken if the user moves their box too far from the devices. Reinforced concrete buildings or buildings with too thick walls can also prevent Wi-Fi from working normally. In this case, people can turn to a Wi-Fi optimizer to increase network power.

Try the classic solutions to fix the problem

In case of slow connection, users should first check the connections of your box. They can also reposition it correctly. This equipment becomes more efficient when it is at the proper height. It should be located near the computers. Connecting via Ethernet cable is much more efficient than Wi-Fi. Equipment such as multiple plugs or extension cords can also affect navigation speed. Sometimes people have to reset the box for it to work properly. The use of a Wi-Fi repeater is required in large offices or large residences. The slow connection can be explained by the large number of open software programs on a computer. Also, users must maintain their workstation properly. This involves its regular cleaning to remove unnecessary programs. A thorough scan should be performed periodically to remove viruses and corrupted files.

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