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What we think of the Sony SRS-X11B speaker

Steve Jobs has revolutionized the world of technology since the creation of the iPod. In fact, nowadays anyone can enjoy their music anywhere and anytime. This has also opened up new horizons for wireless technology. Since the creation of the first tape recorders, mankind has dreamed of being able to enjoy good sound everywhere. The multimedia speakers have been designed for this purpose. A problem remains, however, that these speakers are not designed to be used everywhere. This concern has its origin in a case in which you have to travel far, to a very hostile place where you do not have electricity. For this purpose, Sony's portable speaker is sure to please.

Introducing the Sony SRS-X11B speaker

The hardware is a black cubic shape Bluetooth speaker for this case. Please note that you can choose from a black, white, blue, red or pink color. The speaker has some physical buttons to control it manually. At first glance, it attracts with a sober but elegant design. The fact that it is small in size suggests ease of transport, which is a good point. The speaker, being portable, is equipped with a battery. The equipment is delivered at a cost of 55.01 euros with all expenses included.

Nice and practical and comes in various colors

The interesting thing is the wireless technology it incorporates. In fact, this Sony equipment uses Bluetooth technology to play music files on another device. It is also equipped with a universal serial bus port so that you can connect the object with your PC. Therefore, you can use this speaker as an audio output for your computer. Compared to traditional speakers, the Sony SRS-X11B speaker promises sound quality at a higher level. If you are looking for a colored speaker, the JBL Go model also offers several colors.

Good value for money

Sony is a strong brand in the sound industry. With this image, one would then expect a quality that should not disappoint. The enclosure can be obtained for about fifty euros. With a variety of technology on board, the price is a bit correct even if you can find similar products at a lower price. However, quality is still an important factor when choosing a material. Sony hits hard with the latter as during use, the device emits extraordinary, impressive sounds.

Technical description

The Sony SRS-X11B portable speaker is revolutionary as a whole. The first point that stands out is its wireless technology. Use Bluetooth to play audio files. However, this requires that the other device be equipped with this same feature. In addition, this wireless technology also includes NFC. The latter facilitates the transfer of information by contact of two objects. To this end, you can easily listen to your music from your smartphone or computer with increasingly clear sound through this speaker. The team also broadcasts on two channels. This is reflected in the quality of the audio output. The power shown by the manufacturer is 10W. On the connection side, the Sony SRS-X11B speaker has an analog audio input port and a micro USB port. This last port is also used to charge the battery that is planned for twelve hours of use.

The strengths of the venue

The size of the team is a success. With a 6.1cm cubic dimension, you won't have to worry about storage. You can use it anywhere with you. The material fits perfectly in a car glove compartment. One day's battery life is more than enough, allowing you to enjoy your music in amazing sound quality all day long. The dual passive radiator is excellent. With the latter, you will enjoy powerful bass, which is what Sony is famous for. Wireless technology works great and is error-free. Furthermore, reading is instantaneous via NFC. The speaker also has a hands-free calling feature in case you want to use the device as a speaker for your communications.

Some caveats

At high volume, the speaker experiences some clipping, however there is nothing to be alarmed about as the sound is perfectly audible and correct at lower levels. Also, the bass tends to disappear at a certain volume level. Therefore, it is advisable to stay in the average to enjoy the sounds that deserve the praise of this material.

Our Sony SRS-X11B portable Bluetooth speaker review

Overall, the speaker gets good reviews. Conveniently sized for everyday use, the material impresses with impressive print quality. 10W seems low however the speaker has a battery life of twelve hours, which is a very good point. It is even surprising that a small cube like this can show such performance. Wireless technology works great, even more so with NFC. In the end, this Sony speaker is very interesting. We simply regret some loss of sound quality at high volume and above all, a price that seems more or less expensive. However, don't be afraid to buy it if you can afford it.

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