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Connected Impedance Meter Scale: Our 2021 Ranking of the Best!

If smart scales are domesticated and popular tools among people today, it is because they provide reliable health information. Better yet, they are more practical and include features that make them easier to use. To help you make the right decision, we put at your disposal our comparison of the best connected scales of the year. There are many models of connected scales available on the market. But among this large number of models produced and marketed by different manufacturers, we have managed to select the best 4 for you.

The Withings Body + connected scale

If you want reliable information about your health and the climate in your city of residence, you need the connected scale Withings Body + as a scale. In fact, this impedance meter scale lets you know your exact body mass. This lets you know if you are overweight or not. Very smart, it is equipped with smart sensors that allow it to provide you with the exact amount of air available in a room. Better yet, Withings Body + informs you about your heart rate, gives you the exact time and current weather. Withings Body + is a connected scale characterized by its tempered glass top, training options, ease of use and ease of maintenance.

The Withings Body Cardio Connected Scale

Conceived in an ultra-modern design that inspires admiration, the Withings Body Cardio is a connected scale that gives you information with great precision. As for your health, the Withings Body Cardio will give you your body mass, your temperature, your heart rate, your bone mass, and your muscle mass. Very smart and practical, this connected scale can record information from 8 different people who use it. Very compact and very slim, the Witnings Body Cardio Connected Scale stands out for its strength, stability, battery-free operation, its ability to provide weather information and its training options.

The Garmin Index Smart Scale

Customizable and easy to use, Garmin Index smart is a connected scale that seduces with its sophisticated design and great versatility. Speaking of versatility, this scale connectable via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provides information on the body mass, temperature and heart rate of its users. It incorporates a coaching function that allows users to follow their daily endeavors. Equipped with great intelligence, the Garmin Intelligent Index can provide accurate information about the weather. This scale is distinguished by its great autonomy, its resistance, its ability to be used by 16 different people, its connectivity and its ease of use.

FitBit Aria connected scale

Designed for family use, the FitBit Aria connected scale has all the technical features you need to seduce you. Its use is made easy and practical thanks to an application compatible with smartphones. This scale isn't just made to tell you the time and the weather, or your temperature, heart rate, and body mass. It also allows you to schedule your meal times and those of your sports activities. It is a true accomplice that will allow you to control your health and maintain your figure. Usable by 8 different users, the FitBit Aria connected scale with impedance meter stands out for its connectivity via Wi-Fi, its resistance, its coaching options and its versatility.

The functionalities of a connected scale.

A connected scale is a tool that now integrates several functionalities that make it more practical and easy to use, which also applies to connected watches for athletes or electrical plugs connected. To be precise, the connected scales incorporate functions to accurately calculate body mass, accurately calculate indices of muscle, bone and fat mass, create graphs and tables of curves to determine the ovulatory period of a user, make your users recognize , provide personalized coaching, calculate the heart rate of each user, provide weather information, provide information on the quantity and quality of air available in a room. Other models of connected scale impedance meters offer even more attractive features such as hydration rate calculation, pulse wave velocity calculation and many others.

The 3 scales connected French favorite impedance meters

What criteria to choose the best connected scale?

Choosing a good quality connected scale is not child's play. This is an exercise that should be taken seriously due to the usefulness of this tool. And to make the right choice among the multitude of models available on the market, there are many criteria to take into account, which we wanted to list for you. Its design which must be modern so that it does not repel you because you will have to use it every day. Its display screen, which must be large enough and backlit to facilitate the reading of data even in the dark. LED display scales are the best when it comes to optimized display. Connectivity applications. Connected scales are used through apps.

For best use, you should choose a device whose applications are compatible with multiple operating systems. This would not require you to change scale every time you change your smartphone. Aside from these three main criteria, you should also consider your ability to record user data, functionality, and cost. You should also consider its ease of use and the warranty that comes with the purchase. What is your doctor's opinion? A connected scale is a medical tool used by healthcare professionals. Therefore, it is for this reason that you must necessarily have the advice of your doctor before making such an investment. Your doctor is supposed to know your condition better than anyone else. So it's in a better position to tell you what you need as a connected scale.

Comparison of connected scales: Top 10!

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