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Connected watch: which one to choose? The complete comparison!

Connected watch or smartwatch, having one is no longer a matter of luxury or social class. Rather, it is a necessity given all that it offers in terms of advantages and comfort of life compared to a simple watch. To have one on your wrist and enjoy its advantages, you will have to choose from the multitude of models available on the market. And that's when you choose that our review of the best smartwatches will come in handy for you. There are a large number of connected watch models. However, we had chosen only the top five of the moment, taking into account their functionalities.

The Apple Watch 4 connected watch

L The Apple Watch 4 is a wonderful gem that has nothing to envy to other models. It is a high-quality connected watch that stands out from the rest for its functionality. Capable of connecting to a Wi-Fi network or via Bluetooth, it incorporates a GPS, a function to determine the user's heart rate and a speaker. It is waterproof enough to operate at a depth of 50m from water. It has an OLED screen, which is large enough, and a powerful lighting system to make it easy to read data even in the dark. As other advantages, the Apple Watch 4 integrates a gyroscope, a light sensor, an accelerometer, an altimeter, a barometer and many other functions. Yes, it works well, but it is also very stylish and suitable for people who put special emphasis on their appearance.

Willful connected watch

This Connected watch model stands out for its sophisticated design. Crafted from silver and stainless steel, the Willful smartwatch features wake-up functionality, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of internal storage. Designed for the elegance of both male and female wrists, this model is highly waterproof. This allows the user not to be afraid even at a depth of 50 m in the water. With its small weight of 80g, it has a rounded AMOLED screen and connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The 61-hour battery life is large enough to allow you to make more efficient use.

The connected Samsung Galaxy Watch

With a powerful battery that offers a long battery life of one week, the Samsung Galaxy Watch connected watch features an unusual design and great water resistance. Capable of operating at a depth of 50m in water, this watch is equipped with a rotating, full-color AMOLED display. It integrates various functions such as GPS, barometer, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and gyroscope. It also integrates a light sensor and an Exynos 9110 Dual Core 1GHz processor. It is basically a mini computer designed for the dolls and it has a microphone, a speaker that is used to make phone calls like a smartphone. It weighs just 65 g and can be connected via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network.

The Huawei Watch GT connected watch

Waterproof up to 50 m deep, the Huawei Watch GT is a connected watch designed for top athletes. In fact, it incorporates an extremely precise pedometer to allow athletes to be constantly informed of their performance. This is a favorite of professional swimmers who want to see their performance at the end of each training session. It is also a watch for hikers because it integrates GPS, heart rate monitor, barometer, altimeter and compass for orientation. It also allows you to know the distance traveled and especially the amount of calories burned. Its operation depends on a powerful rechargeable battery that has an autonomy of two weeks. Its backlit touchscreen is large enough for easy reading and access to functions.

The Withings Steel HR connected watch

Manufactured by Nokia and fitted with a leather strap to fit both male and female wrists, the Withings Steel HR is a top of the line smartwatch. the technology. It allows you to orient yourself thanks to its GPS, having an accurate idea of ​​your heart rate. With an autonomy of 25 days, this watch can withstand water up to a depth of 50 m. It will allow you to receive your calls, your sms and your emails. It weighs only around 40 grams and offers 10 different customization options.

A connected watch or a smart watch: What is it exactly?

A connected clock is not designed to just tell the time and perhaps the date. It is a pure product of technology that is capable of doing unimaginable things, as is also the case with connected bathroom scales that no longer just overwhelm you. It is a smart device that is compatible with a smartphone through an application. It is a watch that has built-in GPS, alarm clock functions, and more. A connected watch can alert you when you receive an SMS or email on your phone. A smartwatch is capable of much more than these few mentioned feats. The functions also differ from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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What is a smart watch used for?

A connected watch is a high-tech device that allows you to separate yourself from your smartphone from time to time thanks to its connectivity through applications. Thanks to this function, you can even stay far away from your smartphone and check your text messages, your emails and receive your calls. A connected watch is also used to listen to music during sports activities while monitoring your heart rate. It is also useful for explorations because it integrates a GPS, an altimeter, a barometer and sometimes a compass. In addition to displaying the date and time, a smart watch can be used as a programmable alarm clock according to the user's needs. Finally, a connected watch can be used to record certain important data thanks to its storage memory.

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