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The printer is an office equipment as essential as the computer, since it allows you to write down all kinds of documents or photos on paper, which will allow you in particular to immortalize your best memories. But it is also a device that now allows you to unleash your imagination to create all kinds of objects. Today, there are hundreds of printers, all very different from each other. And while it's nice to have a choice, it's hard to know which printer is best for your needs. This is precisely why we wanted to bring you this printer comparison site to make your research quick and easy and to take your satisfaction to new heights.

The 3 best printers in 2021

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However, the printer is an always very complex high-tech device, the choice of which can be quickly compared to a royal path of the cross. And for good reason, the technical features to consider are numerous and one of a kind, and unless you are an expert in this field, the risk of making the wrong decision is relatively high. Therefore, to avoid disappointment or surprise, we have endeavored to provide you with a great deal of different information, the details of which are detailed below.

Accurate buying guides to help you choose the best printer

So you can quickly find out which printer is best for you without having to spending entire days researching, it was especially important for us to provide you with dedicated buying guides in which you will benefit from all our tips to be able to quickly identify the model that will satisfy you the most, in fact, for each type of printer featured on , we have listed all the selection criteria that must be respected, which will save you precious time.

Also, as the printer is first and foremost a highly technical product , we've made sure to simplify this topic to the extreme so that you don't get lost in incomprehensible technical data. So even if you're looking for a super advanced printer, you'll know how to find it without spending all your free time trying to buy. nder its peculiarities. Clearly, by consulting these buying guides, you can buy your next printer with the guarantee that it will fully satisfy you.

Tests and comparison of the best printers of the moment

To allow you to always be more efficient during your research and to guarantee you a purchase without any false notes, we have also taken the initiative to test the most fashionable printers at the moment. In fact, whether it is It deals with multifunction printers as well as 3D printers, for example, we wanted to put them to the test so that we can share with you our opinion, which always tries to be very honest and objective, so by taking the time to read these articles, you will be able to know the model that interests you , just as if it were already installed on your desktop.

Well of course, every year you see the appearance of new models of printers. Therefore, it is not easy to maintain at the forefront of t That's why as soon as a new team is launched, we'll be quick to tell you what we think about it, letting you quickly know if it's capable of meeting your expectations Clearly every new visit to Comparatif-imprimer .ovh will seem like a new discovery.

Detailed presentations of the main printer brands

Finally, because it is always comforting and interesting to know who we are dealing with, I also found it important to introduce you to some of the biggest printer brands like Brother, Epson, HP or even Canon, to name a few. For each of them, we will let you know about their knowledge and areas of expertise, but we will also return to the different innovations behind it.

Most of these printer brands can tell you something. But there are also lesser-known brands that distinguish themselves from all the others because they have demonstrated their ability to innovate and develop particularly efficient equipment. That is why we will also introduce you to some less famous brands which, however, combine all the necessary assets to offer you perfect satisfaction at all levels.

What are the different types of printers that currently exist?

As we told you before, there are many different types of printers, and to say the least, they all have their own specificities. To help you make the best decision and know what type of equipment is most likely to meet with all your expectations, we want to introduce you to these different types of printers below.

Inkjet printer for lower cost printing

L The inkjet printer is the best-selling type of equipment in France. And for good reason, it is the cheapest printer, both in terms of purchase and cost of printing per page. Specifically, the ink contained in the cartridges is it will direct to nozzles that will project it directly onto the paper, hence the term inkjet.

Most of the time, an inkjet printer is used to print documents, in color or black and white, due to its lower resolution compared to other types of printers. However, as you can see in our inkjet printer review , there are higher performance models capable of printing your photos or illustrations on paper.

Laser printer for always flawless printing

The laser printer will allow you print your various documents with higher quality compared to i inkjet printer, which is due to its more technical and precise printing technique.In fact, it works thanks to a laser beam associated with a photosensitive drum that will deposit the ink directly on the paper, thus ensuring irreproachable sharpness in each printing.

If the fact that chooses a laser printer can also be beneficial to you, in addition to the very affordable purchase price, this is explained by the fact that the cost of printing, or cost per page , is one of the most competitive. In fact, by equipping yourself with a device of this type, your purchases of ink cartridges will be less regular, which will allow you to reduce your budget in this item of expenses.

Multifunction printer, the ideal office equipment

With the multifunction printer, you can do many different jobs with the same device. Although its purchase price is more high, it is still very attractive, as opposed to the situation where you would have to buy equipment for all functions, such as printer, scanner, copier and fax machine.

Printing from a multifunction printer is performed essentially on the same principle as printing laser printer, with the difference that the laser beam is associated with a lamp and not a photosensitive drum. It is this peculiarity that allows the best multifunction printers to guarantee the astonishing print quality that few competing devices. Ultimately, if you print very regularly, purchasing equipment of this type can be especially advantageous for you, both in terms of saving time and money.

Wi-Fi printer for the convenience of optimal life

The Wi-Fi printer can be laser or inkjet, but in any case, it stands out for its incredible ease of use. In fact, you no longer need connect your computer to your printer so you can put your documents on paper. Instead of the cable connecting your two devices, your home's Wi-Fi signal will be used. So even if you are several meters from your printer, you can start its diverse s print orders.

But this is also of interest to 'a wifi printer is the fact that you can launch your print orders from different different computers, such as your touchscreen tablet or your smartphone, for example. In addition, all the high-tech devices in your home can be paired simultaneously, thus offering true comfort of life. Specifically, buy a wifi printer is to choose practicality and versatility.

Portable photo printer to immortalize your best memories

The portable photo printer is the latest innovation in this sector, And we have to admit, it is achieving incredible worldwide success, which is mainly explained by the fact that it is practical and very easy to use.Thanks to it, wherever you are, you can print photos taken on the spot, without having to associate it with your camera or smartphone and if n having to connect it to a current outlet.

As we will inform you in our portable photo printer buying guide , this device works with bluetooth, which will allow you to launch your print orders very easily. In addition, several people can synchronize with it at the same time, provided they have the security code in their possession. Finally, thanks to its rechargeable battery, the portable photo printer offers a battery life of several hours.

3D printer to bring your imagination to life

Finally, the 3D printer is a piece of equipment that was like a bomb when it was launched on the market. And for good reason, thanks to these types of printers, you will be able to let all your creativity speak and print all your creations in relief. With plastic, iron or even wood spools, the 3D printer will be able to create small objects that will have to be previously modeled using specific software.

Nowadays there are all kinds of 3D printers. Although some are very cheap to buy, others can cost several thousand euros. But in any case, whatever model you choose, you will enjoy all the advantages of a printer 3D, the main one being the fact that your imagination will have no limits.

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When developing this comparison site for printers we wanted to answer all the possible questions you might ask yourself when buying a printer beforehand, which is why we have made sure to be extremely thorough on each topic we have covered so that you will find everything you need here to make the best decision.

However, if despite your visit you still have doubts or uncertainties, or if you simply want to share your suggestions with us, we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized response.

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