Samsung TV: which one to choose? Ranking and comparison of the best models 2021!

Among the major TV and high-tech brands in general, Samsung is obviously one of the most fashionable, and has been for years. The brand has been able to demonstrate over time that it masters technological innovation better than anyone, to the point of developing completely unique devices, some of which can even be considered ahead of their time. . And Samsung is also a brand that designs a large number of new televisions every year, which can sometimes make it difficult to choose one of them. To simplify your task and allow you to find what you are looking for, we have prepared this comparison in which you will discover our ranking of the best Samsung televisions of the moment.

Let's discover the 3 Samsung's favorite TVs for customers

Why buy a Samsung TV? What advantages will you benefit from?

Samsung is a reference brand that markets its products throughout the world and has the interest of always achieving unanimity. In fact, whether you buy a Samsung smartphone, a Samsung home theater system, or a Samsung TV, to name just these products, in any case, your satisfaction will reach new heights. This can be explained quite simply by the fact that the brand is always striving to develop high-performance devices that nonetheless remain economically affordable. Compared to other high-tech brands, therefore, you will pay the right price for high-end equipment, which will make your investment really profitable.

What is also very interesting to know about Samsung is the fact that each model is way ahead of its time. And you probably know, high-tech equipment quickly becomes obsolete. On the other hand, by choosing to buy a Samsung TV, you will be investing in equipment that will be kept up-to-date for many years, which will prevent you from having to repeat this type of purchase regularly. Finally, in terms of aesthetics, the Samsung brand has brought elegance to its paroxysm by imagining ultra-modern and minimalist products at the same time that, therefore, they will easily find their place in your home while highlighting rate the room in which they will be placed.

QLED TV Samsung QE43Q60R

The TV Samsung QLED QE43Q60R has been set naturally as one of the best sellers of the brand, as it offers maximum performance and is still very attractive in terms of price. Thanks to it, you can finally really enjoy your movies, series or video games in the best possible conditions. To be completely transparent with you, this Samsung TV can boast of being a compendium of the brand's technological know-how, which here is one of its greatest successes. As you may discover, the Samsung QLED QE43Q60R has pushed the limits of what is possible to bring you images of astonishing clarity and clarity.

With a screen diagonal of 43 inches, or 108 centimeters, the Smart TV Samsung QLED QE43Q60R has built-in Wi-Fi thanks to which you can surf the Internet thanks to its integrated internet browser. But you can also download applications like YouTube or Netflix to watch all kinds of videos whenever you want. In addition, to ensure optimal navigation fluency, this Samsung QLED QE43Q60R TV offers a ultra-efficient 4K quantum processor that uses artificial intelligence technology to guarantee you perfect images out of the ordinary.

Our opinion on the Samsung QLED QE43Q60R Smart TV

Obviously, we could not present you this Samsung TV comparison without informing you about the Samsung QLED QE43Q60R which is now one of the flagship models of the brand. For our part, we especially liked that it is equipped with Quantum Dots technology that allows it to capture light to return an impressive color palette whose realism will leave you speechless. In addition, its image resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels will allow you to sublimate to the extreme each image that will be broadcast on your Samsung QLED QE43Q60R TV. In short, if you want to be completely satisfied with your new Samsung 4K TV, then choosing this model is right for you!

QLED TV Samsung QE55LS03R The Frame

Praised by the trade press and individuals, the Samsung The Frame QE55LS03R TV is a model that pushes the boundaries of beauty and elegance back, while obviously being ultra powerful and efficient. One thing's for sure, whatever your requirements, the Samsung QE55LS03R The Frame QLED TV can only fully satisfy you. What makes this device so special is the fact that once you are not using it, you can use it as a decorative object in its own right, as you can choose to transmit a still image on it. of your choice, be it a personal photo, a masterpiece or a landscape decoration, for example.

But of course, the QLED Samsung QE55LS03R Frame TV not only looks beautiful and modern, it can also be considered a technology freak perfectly capable of bringing you the experience most exceptional audiovisual. In fact, its 55-inch (138-centimeter) 4K UHD QLED screen will offer you sublime images thanks in particular to its next-generation Quantum 4K processor. In addition, this Samsung TV is also equipped with Quantum Dots technology that allows it to capture light to bring back every detail with remarkable precision.

Our opinion on Samsung The Frame QLED TV QE55LS03R

Samsung The Frame TV is considered a Smart TV in the sense that you can connect to the Internet through your home Wi-Fi to allow you to browse the Internet take advantage of applications such as Facebook or video streaming services, for example. And if our opinion about the Samsung QE55LS03R QLED TV is also positive, it is because it is a device that develops a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which makes it four times more efficient than a television. HD. Finally, the last advantage of this Samsung TV is its so-called invisible connection. This takes the form of a single 5 meter cable that transmits power and data directly to the One Connect remote box, so you don't have to deal with a bunch of visually unappealing cables. Clearly, this is a perfect Samsung TV!

Samsung LED TV UE43RU7025

Wondering which Samsung TV is the best value for money? Look no further, because the Samsung LED TV UE43RU7025 is the model for you. Indeed, although it is displayed at an irresistible price, this Samsung TV has not forgotten to be ultra-powerful, to such an extent that immediately after having used it to see your first movie, you will be convinced that you made the best decision. From its definition to its different technologies to its price, everything is perfect with the Samsung UE43RU7025 LED TV, which is also the subject of an exceptional plebiscite by consumers.

The Samsung UE43RU7025 LED TV offers a screen diagonal of 43 inches, or 108 centimeters, thanks to which you can comfortably watch your favorite media in the best conditions. In addition, to offer you an optimal user experience, it offers an image resolution of 8 million pixels thanks to its 4K Ultra High Definition 3840 x 2160 pixels . In addition, thanks to its 1400 image quality index corresponding to 50 images per second, you will benefit from an ultra-smooth image that will notably avoid jerks and other latencies, thus ensuring that you will never find anything. criticize your new Samsung 4K TV.

Our opinion on the Samsung UE43RU7025 LED TV

The Samsung UE43RU7025 LED TV really deserves success that you are enjoying today, and even It may seem hard to believe that its price is so attractive. If the Samsung UE43RU7025 Smart TV is also remarkable, it is also because it offers an excellent integrated sound system. In fact, it is equipped with 20-watt DTS Dolby Digital Plus compliant decoders, which will further enhance your audiovisual experience. Lastly, if you want to enjoy a great Samsung TV while keeping your budget, the Samsung UE43RU7025 LED TV is the one for you.

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